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This kit is for Classic Model 2019-Present. If your truck is Gen5 (see pictures) this is not your kit.

Auxiliary button kit custom made. Kit includes new panel with the same buttons you currently have on the top row and the 6 auxiliary buttons on the bottom row. Have heated seats and wheel? No problem! The heated seats and wheel will still be able to be controlled through the radio under the "Climate" or "Controls" section. With this kit, you will be able to connect your 12v accessories to the custom made relay box in the engine bay and simply push the new factory button for control of your accessory! This kit comes plug and play and completely removes the need for dealer programming or aftermarket toggle switches in your dash. Kit also works with Ram 1500's.

2019- Current CLASSIC Model Ram Auxiliary Button Relay Kit With Buttons

SKU: 201227
  • Auxiliary button kit custom made.

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