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  • Do the auxiliary buttons require programming?
    They do not require programming. When they arrive, they will work as on/off buttons out of the box. HOWEVER, if you want to make any of them momentary, you can program them with the alfaobd software available on Google Play for $50 and the bluetooth obdII connector. This is not nessassary if you just want them to be on/off.
  • When will my kit arrive?
    While we do the best we can to keep lead time down for you, we have expanded our production to greatly reduce the time it takes for you to receive your kit. Our average time is 2-3 days, and we do our best to keep it at or below that. You will be kept in the loop at all times and can always contact us! Added Note: We can not control the lead times on some MOPAR button dash assembly. We are keeping the popular ones in stock but there are many different button configurations. We will notify you of the ship time for the dash buttons.
  • Do you sell the alfaobd software?
    Unfortunately we do not. It is simply not ours to sell. You can get it on Google Play and we can definately do our best to help you out with the use and helpful resources to answer your questions!
  • Will the auxiliary setup work on my 1500 or on my truck if I have heated seats?
    Absolutely! The kit will work on 2013 and up models with heated/cooled seats and wheel. The seats and wheel will still be controlled under the "climate" section or the "Controls" Section in your radio. The new panel will have the 5 Auxiliary buttons on the bottom row.
  • I have a 5th GEN truck 2019 and Newer (not classic 4th Gen) and I want to add Aux Relays to my truck that did not come with Aux Relays.
    There are a few things you need to know. The Gen 4 trucks (2013-2018 and 2019 classic) came with the BCM (body control module) programmed to use aux switches even if the truck did not come with that option. So if you added the switch panel that matched your current buttons with the bottom row being aux switches and installed it. Then you would have AUX Relays (with our kit including the buttons or the kit without buttons) Now, lets talk about the Gen5 trucks (2019 and newer excluding Classic) These trucks do not come with the BCM (body control module) programmed for aux switches. If you get the button set with the aux buttons on the bottom row, it probably wont work. The truck will have to be programmed. If you go to the dealer they will most likely tell you that the option code for your vin does not include aux switches. If you know someone in the service department, this is technically possible to do. In preliminary testing we had a tech program his truck to accept the aux buttons using a dealer computer. To program the truck without the dealer you can get Alpha OBD and a programming security bypass harness. One of these methods will be necessary to enable the aux switches. Once they are enabled then the OEM dash button set can be used to enable relays, that our kit provides.
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